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Region Island Characteristic Homepage Contact
Yeosu Dolsando Majestic sunrise200 year old pine forest - +82-1899-2012
Geumodo It is where bireonggil, visited by 300,000 yearly, is located at - +82-61-664-9133
Sonjukdo Natural resourcesbeautiful flower road formed of residential roads - +82-61-690-2607
Nangdo Beautiful scenery along with nearby islands (Sado, Chudo, etc.) - 1899-2012
Goheung Oodo Water path that opens 2 times daily, beautiful seaside sunset,the 300 year old cypress forest - +82-61-830-5244
Yeonhongdo Island museum (Theme island) - +82-61-830-6506
Shinan Jeungdo The first Asian slow city: It is the healing island where the seathe forest coexist(700,000 visitors yearly) - +82-61-240-8357
Imjado Various farm products grown from germanium-rich soilthe sandy beach that is 12km wide (Daegwang beach) - +82-61-240-4004
Banwol · Bakjido Island within another island: natural scenery entered by walking across the sea +82-61-240-3921
Gijeom · Soakdo Mud flatssalt ponds with very high preservation value, 5 Nodu-gil that connects islands - -
Wando Nohwado Mysterious seaway that is 1km long (Fishing Experience) - +82-61-550-5412
Saengildo Golden sandpines form harmony. The entire island is a recreational area,cypress forest near the beachYongchuli mud flats are noteworthy Go to Saengildo website +82-61-550-6670
Soando Mirari evergreen forest, clean ocean, Sunrise Park,various tourism resources Go to Soando website +82-61-550-5609
Cheongsando ‘Slow city where 370,000 visit yearly Go to Cheongsando website +82-61-552-0809
Jindo Gwanmaedo Dadohae Marine National Park (well preserved ecological resources such as spruce treesshrubs) Go to Gwanmaedo website +82-61-544-0400
Boseong Jangdo Ramsar Coastal Conservation Wetlands (Beolgyo Tidal Flat), abundant resources such as barnacles, crabs, ducks, fishing, etc. - -
Gangjin Gaudo It is located along a coastal walkway along the 'Hamkehae-gil' along with the shoreline that connects to the land,you can enjoy beautiful scenery in the background of the sea Go to Gaudo website +82-61-430-3312