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Region Forest Characteristics Contact
Jangseong Chungnyeongsan
  • The largest Cypress plantation in Korea
  • Cypress, Japanese Cedar
Jangheung Eokbulsan
  • Cypress forestbamboo forest of 660,000㎡
  • Cypress(Maintained by Woodland)
Gurye Jirisan Nogodan Peak
  • Healing forest where water does not dry up to Nogodan
  • Pine, Monglian Oak, Chestnut Tree, etc
Boseong Jeamsan
  • 500m above sea level 500 Happy Cypress forests
  • Cypress, Pine, Oak, Azalea, etc
Hwasun Manyeonsan
  • The five senses of healing with the whole family
  • Pine, Japanese Oak, Oak tree
Goheung Paryeongsan
  • 100 year-old Cypress has a dense cotton forest
  • Cypress, Oak, etc.
Gangjin Jujaksan
  • A forest where you can experience the phoenix flags of 8 Myeongdang(ideal spot)
  • Yellow Poplar, Cypress, Japanese Cedar, Pine, etc.
Gokseong Dongaksan
  • A famous mountain, which is a combination of rock cliffsdense forests
  • Pine, Oak, etc.
Gwangyang Baekoonsan
  • Report of more than 980 plant species
  • Healing Forest with Pine, Oak, etc.
Naju Geumsungsan
  • Native sprout of the tea tree
  • Pine is a famous mountain in Hunan where the Youngsan River can be seen
Damyang Sansungsan
  • Beautiful mountain where you can see the lake
  • Bamboo, Pine, etc., as a training place for security of the country
Muan Yeonjingsan
  • Healing forest with the Mulmajigol forest bathing
  • Pine, Cypress, etc. as a forest with a pond not to dry
Suncheon Yonggyaesan
  • Suitable for mountain bike riding with a width of 2 ~ 3m
  • Cypress Healing forests include Cypress, Pine, Japanese Cedar, etc.
Yeosu Bonghwangsan
  • Recreational Forest with a walk to the seaCypress forest
  • It is a resting place of mind where the mountainthe sea are mixed. There are many Cypress, Big Cone Pine, Silver MagnoliaOak, etc.
Hampyeong Moaksan
  • A healthy forest to climba beautiful forest with a flower pot
  • Dandelion, Red Spider Lily
Wando Sanghwangbong
  • The largest wild turf native to Korea (Hantan Arboretum)
  • Camellia, Red-wood Evergreen Oak, Silver Magnolia, etc.
Jindo Chumchalsan
  • Healing forest with lush evergreen forest (Natural Monument No. 107)
  • Siebold's Chinquapin, Cypress, Silver Magnolia, Cypress, etc.
Shinan Jeungdo Haesong Forest
  • 70-80 year old Healing Forest where the sea shore is thick (Big Cone Pine forest on the Korean peninsula)
  • Big Cone Pine, Japanese black pine