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Hampyeong Seawater Steamed Dish

It Has Benefits Both From Hot SpringSteam

Hampyeong Seawater Steamed Dish

Seawater steamed dish is a special treatment, originated from Chosun Dynasty back in 1800s as a folk remedy. Seawater steamed dish is a dish steamed with seawater with sulfur rocksherbs in ituse pine as a firewood. It has benefits both from hot springsteam. Seawater steamed dish is popular among middle-aged menwomen as it is effective to cure neuralgia, postpartum pain, arthritis,dermatitis.

  • ADD 61, Seoksan-ro, Sonbul-myeon, Hampyeong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea
  • TEL Sinheung +82-61-322-9487
  • Jupo +82-61-322-9489 HOT SPRING
  • HOMEPAGE http://blog.naver.com/coco9489/



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