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Suncheon Oriental Medicine Experience

The Patient’s Mind, Making A Harmony With Nature.

Suncheon Oriental Medicine Experience Center Suncheon Bay National Garden

Korean Medicine Culture Center exhibits the basic theories (meridian system, phytology etc.)therapeutic principle of Korean medicine. Through the experiential diagnosis in Korean medicine available at the center, visitors can identify their own Sasang types (greater yang, greater yin, lesser yang, lesser yin). One can enjoy one’s herbal foot bath with herbal medicine that matches one’s constitution identified through Sasang typology test. Furthermore, through obesitybody fat measurement, one can get at one’s distinctive method for staying healthy.



Surroundings Amusements & Food

Naganeupseong Folk Village, Suncheon

Naganeupseong Folk Village is well preserved traditional village during the Chosun era,people still live in the village. Houses, market,bathrooms are all made of thatched-roof as if it is still in the Chosun era. You can experience the rack, hay craft, weaving hemp cloth,baking pottery in the village.


Cable Car Above the Ocean, Yeosu

The Cable Car connects Yeosu Dol Mountain to Jasan Park,is 1.5km long. It has 10 clear-floored Crystal Cabin (5 seats),40 Regular Cabin (8 seats). The night scenary of Yeosu oceanOdongdo Island are beautiful. Jasan Mountain Station of the Cable Car is connected to Odongdo Island.


Hwaeomsa, Gurye

Hwaeomsa, named after Hwaeomgyeonglocated at the food of Jiri mountain, was established by Yeongi Chosa in 544. Hwaeomsa has the biggest Buddhist temple in South Korea, Gakhwangjeon,Apseok is the biggest stone lantern in Asia. Yeongiam has the biggest statue of the Bodhisattva of wisdom,visitors can enjoy the tranquility lasted for more than a thousand years.


Pike Eel Shabu-shabu Yeosu

It is a representative seaside nourishing dish made with fish caught from Gamakman BayDeukryangman Bay, both clean zones in Yeosu. Pike conger has plenty of vitamin A,as it includes much of glutamate as one of amino acids that constitute protein, it delivers a unique taste. Pike conger includes large quantities of EPADHA of all fatty acids, thus known to prevent arteriosclerosisthrombosis. Particularly, the skin of pike conger, which includes a large quantity of chondroitin, gives a lot of gloss to the skin, blood vessels,other body organs,smoothes bone joints.


Set Menu with Cockle Suncheon

Cockle is good for children’s healthy growth (cockle contains protein, vitamin,essential amino acids). Cockle also prevents anemia (cockle contains ironvarious minerals).