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Sinan Salt Musum Salt Steam

“Salt-Heal” Helps To Relieve Stress

Sinan Salt Musum Salt Steam

Introduced by Eastern European miners, “Salt-Heal” helps to relieve stresscure lungrespiratory diseases as salt emits an anion. Taking a Salt-steam bath for 45 minutes is equal to taking a rest for a week by the ocea



Surroundings Amusements & Food

Taephyung Salt Farm, Sinan

Taephyung Salt Farm is the largest single salt farm in South Korea,it produces the largest amount of salt. Taephyung Salt Farm produces environmentally friendly saltsuse traditional farming techniques. Taephyung Salt Farm plans to expand its business to international multiplex theme park with its unique salt farm windsnature.


Ullimsanbang in Jindo

Touted as the master of the southern painting in the late Joseon period who had as his masters Choeui Seonsa (‘Taoist master’)Kim Jeong-heui with the pen name of Chusa, master Heo Ryeon with the pen name of Sochi established a settlementcreated his paintings.


Miracle Sea Road, Jindo

Many people visit to Miracle Sea Road to watch a modern edition of Moses’ Miracle. People gather at Miracle Sea Road with carrying a torch in their hands before the sunset to watch the opening of the Sea Road. The total length of the road is 2.8 km.


Sinan Abalone Seaweed Stone Pot Rice

Abalone is a health food rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B12, calcium,phosphate, whereas mussel is said to be effective in fighting weak constitution, anemic conditions, night sweat, vertigo,other symptoms. Hijiki, a type of seaweed, contains 3–4 times the iron of spinach,prevents anemia.


Jindo HongjuAbalone Soup

Hongju, one of the Three Joys of Jindo (folk music, painting and calligraphy,hongju), is an alcoholic beverage made from rice, barley,the jicho root. It is a world-renowned beverage, which goes best with abalone soup. Containing expensive abalone, the soup was a royal food in the pastit is also called chuboktang.