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Boseong Jeonnam Area Environmental Disease Prevention Management Center

Let's heal tired bodybody tired
from harmful environment

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Jeonnam Area Environmental Disease Prevention Management Center is a eco-friendly healing center at Jeonnam area established for the prevention and management of environmental disease the occurrence frequency is gradually increasing due to various economical cause such as global warming, industrialization, westernized food lifeso on.
It regularly operating education program for correct understanding of environmental disease such as atopic dermatitisso on, experience program the children learning having funcustomized program to prevent environmental diseasehealth promotion.
Especially, the meditation chamber, green tea spa baths, red claybarley stone jjimjilbang, oxygen chamberaccommodations using eco-friendly materials will be the optimal place recovering from mental and physical fatigue tired for harmful environment, curing environmental diseasehealing.



Surroundings Amusements & Food

Jeamsan Natural Recreation Forest

The valley at natural recreation forest located at Jeamsan with 807m height is the source of Seomjingang Riverit is a right place to use as summer resort due to its cold water in the middle of summer time.
It has parking space, campground, 24 building of woodland house, 11 rooms of Jeam recreation hall12 rooms of woodland recreation hall which is modern condominium type.


Boseong Green Tea Farm

Largest tea farm in Korea cultivated at wonderful natural environment of Boseong. It boasts beautiful green tea farm3 million stocks of ornamental treewindbreak forest with cryptomeria, cypress tree, yew tree, juniper tree, gingko treeso on.


Boseong Green Tea

Boseong located at the position the oceanic climate meets the continental climate mingled the mountain, oceanlake is a natural wonderful tea farm 100% satisfying particular feature of tea. The green tea with plentiful vitamin C is well known as showing strongest anti-cancer effect among the teas.


Beolgyo Cockle

Cockle contains 23% of proteinalso contains essential amino acid evenlyspecially largely contains niacinhistidine. Especially, it has superior effect on the detoxification of liver due to the drinking because the special components, taurinebetaine are highly effective on energy boosting. It is a winter healthful food for womenthe oldthe infirm having lots of B12, ironcobalt because it is vitamin B complex among the sea foods.