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Muan Airport Visa Information

Policy Overview

Transit Sightseeing Permission System for Foreigners
  • Provide the convenience of the immigration procedure to foreign nationals who want to visit the third countryJeju Island via major international airports in the Republic of Korea, such as omission of the visa issuance procedure under certain conditions(visa-free entry).
  • Incheon / Gimhae / Daegu / Muan / Yangyang / Cheongju International Airport (6 total)

If you enter through Muan Airport, you can travel inside the country without a visa for 120 hours(5 days).

Muan Airport Non-visa Arrival Transit Airport
  • How to apply: Submit your name to the Korea Immigration Service Foundation 48 hours in advance
  • Application conditions: 3 peoplemore
  • Length of stay: Maximum of 120 hours(5 days) in the inlandJeju Island(10 days). You cannot exceed 15 days in total.
    ※ (‘14. 72hours / ’15. 120hours)
  • If you are arriving through Muan Airport, you can stay in: Gwangju, Jeonbuk, Jeonnam, Seoul, Gyeonggi, Jeju.
  • If you enter the country through Muan Airport, you can leave the cities from: Muan, Jeju, Gimpo,Incheon.
    ※ Korea Immigration Service Foundation : It was designated by the Ministry of Justice as a 'Transit Guiding Helper'. It supportsmanages the whole process from immigration procedures to departure for foreign transit tourists.