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If a foreigner wishes to transfer money overseas

  • You may transfer at a nearby bank. Through a designated foreign currency trading bank, it is possible within the range of USD $50,000 per year,if there is a proving how the transfer money was obtained, transfer is possible within the obtained profit range. As there are differences between banks in commissionlimitations, it is advisable to compare a few different banks.

Necessary Documents

  • Passport, certificate of alien registration, if there is an income-income evidence
  • When transfering to a foreign bank account, you can send money conveniently with telegraphic transfer. You should writhe the name of the recipient, hisher address, the account number, the name of the bankthe name of the branch in English.

Things to note when filling in the transfer request form

  • Foreign transfer/Payment request form must be prepared in English
  • The type of the transfer must be expressed accurately
  • The English spelling of the addresseethe arabic number of the account number must be accurately written.
  • The name on the account numberthe name of the addressee must match.
  • Foreign transfer/payment request must have the addressee's trading bank name, the branch name (or address),the name of the country.
  • If any problems occur afterwards, there must be a phone number of the applicatorsome other contact, so the related bank may contact them.