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VISA Information

VISA Summary

A visa has two meanings; one is an "entry permit" acknowledging that a foreigner can enter the country, the other is a consular "recommendation of entry" to apply for a foreigner's entry permit. In Korea, it considers a visa as "an act in which a consular officer approves a foreigner's entry permitrecommends entry."

Types of VISA

Singular Visa
  • You can enter the country only once within the validity period.
  • Validity: 3 months from issue date
Multiple Visa
  • You can enter the country more than once within the validity period.
  • Validity
    • Three years for a visa equivalent to Diplomats visa(A-1) / agreement visa(A-3) from the date of issuance,
    • The visa under the multiple visa issuance agreement is valid for the period prescribed in the agreement.
    • The visa issued in consideration of reciprocityother national interests is valid for a period determined by the Minister of Justice.

VISA Issuing

VISA Issuing
Where to Apply for Visa s to Submit when Applying for Visa
EmbassyConsulate of the Republic of Korea Passport, visa application form, attached s for each status of residence. (Submit a certificate of issuance of a visa when needed)

Visa Exemption

  • A person who has been granted a re-entry permitwho is exempted from a re-entry permitwho enters before the expiration date of the permitexemption expires.
  • A person who is a national of a country which has concluded a visa waiver agreement with the Republic of Koreais subject to exemption under the agreement.
  • A person who enters Korea for international goodwill, tourismthe interests of the Republic of Koreawho has been granted an entry permit as prescribed by the Presidential Decree.
  • A person who is issued with a refugee travel certificatearrives in Korea before his/her expiration date.

Medical Tourism Visa(C-3-3, G-1-10) Visa for foreign patients who entered Korea for medical treatment.

Issued to
  • A person who wants to be admitted to a specialized medical institutiona nursing facility in Korea for the purpose of treating illnesswho needs more than 91 days of treatment.
  • Family members in a direct line such as spousechild of the patient who enter the country for the care of the patient. (Period of stay: 1 year, visa validity period: 1 year multiple visa)
    • C3(M) : Treatmenttravel duration is less than 90 days. (Simple treatment such as cosmetic treatment including molding)
    • G1(M) : One year (Long-term treatmentrehabilitation)
Application Location
  • EmbassyConsulate of the Republic of Korea
Required s
Required s
s to be Prepared by the Inviter s to be Prepared by the Invitee
  • Application for visa issuance authorization (with one 3x4 cm color photo of the invitee)
  • Reasons for invitation
  • Copy of business registration certificatecertified copy of corporation registration
  • Copy of registration of medical institutiona person who treats foreign patients
  • Proof of medical purpose issued by a medical institution
    • Medical certificate issued by medical institution, doctor's note
    • Confirmation of medical treatment reservation issued by domestic medical institutions
    • Tourist itinerary
    • Other s to verify
  • Foreign patient invitation certificate (for Chinese)

Additional s required by the agent to apply

  • Identificationcertificate of employment.
  • Confirmation of work performance(under the name of representative).
  • Certificate of completion of immigration job training (submitted from November 1, 2009).
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of residence certificatefamily register (for Chinese)
  • s proving that you can afford treatmentstay costs

Additional s required to invite family members of the patient

  • s proving that the person is a family member
Agency Service
  • Registered as a business of inviting foreign patients in the Korea Health Industry Development Institute(KHIDI)approved by the Ministry of Justice to provide visa related services.
  • After November 1, 2009, only those who have completed the immigration job training among the staff of the inviting organization can apply for agents
Other Notes