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Medical Accident Dispute Arbitration

Korea Medical Dispute Mediation & Arbitration Agency

The Korea Medical Dispute Mediation & Arbitration Agency was established on April 8, 2012 to promptlyfairly relieve the damage caused by medical accidentsto create a stable medical care environment for health care.

Mission & Vision

  • Establishment of Preventive System to Prevent Recurrence of Medical Accidents
  • Analysis of the Causes of Medical Accidents
  • Activation of Medical Dispute Adjustment System
  • Accumulation of Arbitration & Assessment

빠른조정 빠른 중재, 신뢰받는 분쟁해결

Resolve medical accidents promptlyfairlycreate
a stable medical environment for health care workers

Increased Satisfaction of Medical Institutions & Patient

Core Value

Obtain results that are beneficial to both patientshealthcare providers,resolve medical disputes objectivelyfairly satisfactory to both sides.
Resolve professional medical disputes differentiated from existing systems through organic work of arbitrationassessment department, which led by experts in law, healthcare,academia.
Resolving medical disputes such as confirming that the medical accidents has occurred, identifying the related facts, identifying the truth, estimating the amount of compensation through organizationbusiness systems that can promptly perform key dispute settlement procedures.


  • Playing a full role before the lawsuit; performing a comprehensive medical dispute resolution role from basic counseling related to medical accidents necessary for nationalsforeigners to damages compensation for serious accidentsdeaths.
  • Providing basic counseling for minor dissatisfaction of patients.
  • Providing interpretationinformation on the legal provisions relating to dispute resolution procedures(litigation, conciliation, remedies for damage, etc.)how to proceed.
  • Determination of the existence of negligencecausalityadjustment that leads to satisfactory results for both parties.
  • It deals with both small casualties such as reimbursement of medical expensesre-surgerydamages caused serious injurydeath.


  • When a health care provider causes damage to a person's life, body,property due to medical treatment performed on the patient.
  • It applies to both Koreannon-Korean nationals.
  • It applies to medical accidents that have occurred.
  • It applies to ONLY medical activities that were first terminated after April 8, 2012, the effective date of the law.

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