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Emergency Medical Care for Foreigners

Emergency Medical Information Center

It is installed in 12 emergency medical centers nationwidecollectsarranges information related to the emergency medical care system in the areaprovides it to the institutionpeople who operate the ambulance. Currently, there are 119 rescue squads in the fire departmentemergency rooms in the hospital, which play a major role in the domestic emergency medical system. Emergency Medical Information Centers have a unique role to play in helping them function properly in an organic cooperation system.

  • Collect emergency medical informationprovide it to the general public, paramedicsmedical institutions.
  • It is installed in 12 regions across the country,provides emergency medical information about medical clinics in each area on the real time basis.
  • It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,the counselor guides the patient to the appropriate clinic/hospital depending on the patient's condition.
  • The doctor resides in the hospital,provides medical consultationemergency treatment over the phone.


In case of an emergency, if a foreigner dials 119, the call will be connected to a tourist agency that provides interpreter services, enabling effective communication with the three-way conversation.

Emergency medical assistance (ambulance, etc.)
Operation Hours
24 hours
119 (domestic call only)
119 (http://www.119.go.kr)