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Information on Departing from Korea

Application Procedure

  1. 1Check-in Procedure
  2. 2Customs Declaration
  3. 3Security Search
  4. 4Immigration Counter
  5. 5Boarding

Check-in Procedure

  • Go to the check-in counter operated by the airlineget checked in. If customs declaration is required for checked baggage, you must report it at the customs declaration counter next to the large baggage counter.

Customs Declaration

  • If you have an amount of US $ 10,000moreless than US $ 50,000 on departure, you must notify customs. If you have more than US $ 50,000, you must report it to the Bank of Korea.

Security Search

  • Once you have completed your check-incustoms declaration, you will need to go to your nearest departure locationreceive a security check. The carry-on items which are allowed on board are 55 cm wide by 40 cm vertically20 cm high (within a total of 115 cm)weighing 10 kgless. Items that may be a threat to the lifesafety of passengers when carrying carry-on items on board should never be brought in for the safety of passengers.

Immigration Counter

  • Wait at the waiting line in front of the immigration control desk,present your passport, boarding pass,immigration report to the staff when you are on your turn.


  • Board the flight 40 minutes before departure under the instruction of the flight attendants.