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Information on Staying in Korea

Restrictions on Domestic Activities

  • Foreign nationals can stay within their defined status of residenceperiod of stay,can not engage in political activities except as provided by law.
  • When a foreigner wishes to work as a resident in Korea, he/she must have a status of residence permitting him/her to workwork only at the designated work place.
  • If he/she wishes to change the designated place of work, he/she must obtain permission from the Immigration Office in advancewithin a certain period of time.
  • You should not hire, mediatesolicit employment of a foreigner who does not has a residence permit to work.
  • For those who hire, mediatesolicit employment of a foreigner who does not have a residence permit to work will be punished for violating the Immigration Control Act.

Period of Stay

  • hort term stay: Less than 90 days
  • Long term stay: : More than 91 days
  • Permanent residence stay: Unlimited
    ※ In case of long staypermanent residency, he/she must register as a foreignerfile a domestic residence permit within 90 days of entering the country.

Extend Stay

  • Foreigners who wish to stay in the Republic of Korea longer than their previously authorized stay period must obtain a permit to extend their stay.
  • Period of application for extension of stay
    • A foreigner who intends to apply for an extension of stay must file an application from the second month before the expiration of the current period of stay until the expiration date.
    • If he/she applies for a permit to extend his/her stay after the expiration date, he/she will be charged a penalty.

How to Apply for Extension of Stay

  • The applicantthe agent must prepare the necessary s for the immigration office to which he/she belongs before applying. Note: he/she can apply when he/she is staying in Korea on the day of application.